About Us

One thing that separates our team from the rest is our people.  Anyone can take a photo, but not every photo tells a story.  We strive to help you stick out in a world of generic photo and video, through intense attention to detail, immaculate communication skills, and work that speaks for itself. When asked what we do, it would be easy to say that we help sell houses, and we do.  However, we don't just help you sell a house; we help you sell a home.  It's so much more than just a wall of brick and mortar. It's a lifestyle, a place to call your own, to raise your kids, and to create memories that last a lifetime.

Roger & Heather Castonguay

Both Heather & Roger started in photography young, both with a passion for storytelling, travel and adventure.  Heather has always seen the world through a creative lens, has a strong ability to organize and guide others.  Roger loves to work with crowds at events, engage with students, families and the people just about anywhere.

Jake Kerhley

Shooting his first project on an iPod nano in 2010, Jake quickly fell in love with the art of video.  From then on spending a majority of his free time learning the ins and outs of content creation, it didn’t take long to snowball into a career in professional film.  Jake has done it all, working as a director of photography on large film sets, to a single run and gun operator for simpler shoots.

An avid lover of art, Jake finds great pleasure in exploring some of the wonderful architecture that comes with working in real estate.  Looking at each home as a work of art rather than a building.

In his free time, Jake enjoys the arts and the outdoors.  He can usually be found roping friends into a creative project, or hiking anywhere a great photo can be found.


Sarah Frazier

Sarah has been playing around with cameras since she was a kid, and decided to try to make a career out of it by getting a degree in photography. Her favorite types of photography are nature, travel, and adventure photography. 

At work, she spends most of her time in Photoshop or Lightroom, editing photos, and the rest of the time helping out on shoots or in the studio. Outside of work, you can most likely find her on the trails or wandering around with a camera.

Christine Gauthier

Christine found her love for photography in high school in 1992, and has been shooting professionally ever since. Originally from Long Island, she went to college for photography, and then art school in Colorado & LA. 

Joining the company 7 years ago,  shooting events, weddings, creating and keeping the websites, and of course real estate photography.

Her personal work includes macro nature photography, and fantasy/cosplay studio photography and composite pieces. When she’s not at DRM, she can be found playing her ukulele or guitar, maintaining her many aquariums, working on an art project, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. 

Andrea Munger

Andrea grew up in Pretoria, South Africa and lived in Western Australia for two years before moving to the US in 2012.
 She found her passion for filmmaking at an acting class in New York City where she realized she was terrible at being in front of the camera but less terrible at being behind it.
In the past Andrea has directed award-winning short films and commercials and worked on productions with HBO, HGTV as well as the New York Production Guide. 
She has a black belt in karate. It has never proved useful.